The Mab of Modui

The mab are the most widespread and populous of the native Moduin races, and mabish cultures vary considerably across the continent. From across the Sundrinker Sands in the far north, the Kingdom of Kutub sends its caravans to every corner of Modui, their perambulations connecting all her peoples in a vast network of commerce. The fearsome Vanni Clans vie for supremacy on the Swaying Veld, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the Imperial Protectorate of New Owangru on their southern border. In Modui’s Heart, the mysterious Deepheart Dwellers beset any outsider foolish enough to encroach on the jungle. The weakly Duumvirate of Ato-Ile represents what is left of mabish power in central Modui, dreaming of the time before the rapacious expansion of the Haciki Empire. Finally, at the continent’s extreme southern tip, the hardy Five Claw Clans scrape out a living hunting the great beasts that swim beneath the icy waves of the Ironshroud Sea.

Physically, mab are human in size and shape, with a few significant differences. Their ears are long and pointed, the sclera of their eyes are black, while the iris color can include vibrant pinks, purples, reds, yellows and oranges. Skin hue among mab varies widely as well, from dark purple or blue up through greens, oranges, reds and light grays. Darker-skinned mab are sometimes referred to as “dokkmab,” in contrast to the lighter-skinned “ljosmab” – though this is originally a racialist Haciki shorthand, and most mab find the terms pointless, and even offensive.