The World of Mad Mab

Mad Mab takes place on Modui, a continent of scorching desert, wind-swept savanna, lush rainforest and jagged mountain ranges. The continent can be roughly divided into three areas – northern, central and southern Modui.

Northern Modui

Northern Modui begins at the edge of the Sundrinker Sands. To the north, the desert dunes sweep away for leagues, crossed only by the caravans of the Kingdom of Kutub. As one moves south, the sand gives way to harsh scrubland, which is replaced in turn by the tall grasses of the Swaying Veld. This rolling savanna is divided between the ten Vanni Clans, each one controlling a territory called a Reach. Across the Jukodoti Mountains to the west is the Loom, ancestral homeland of the eloko.

Credit: Seth Tomlinson

Central Modui

Central Modui is dominated by Modui’s Heart, an impenetrable rainforest home to the secretive Deepheart Dweller clans. A traveler can traverse the jungle on land by the Scartrunk Road, or by water along the Usi-Umi River. The latter method will take him through Greatscuttle Pile, the floating capital of the inkanyaban Bargelords’ mercantile empire. To the east of the jungle is the Imperial Protectorate of New Owangru, a Haciki client state that controls the only route into Vanni territory that doesn’t go through the Heart.

Credit: Seth Tomlinson

Southern Modui

Southern Modui is dominated by the Empire of Hacik, which is split up between the provinces of Korpa, Pliako, Rucni, Kandza and Roga. The governors of these provinces answer to the Queen-Navarch, who rules the empire from the capital of Queen’s Cloak. Other powers in southern Modui include the mabish kingdom of Ato-Ile, the colonies of the Hagiocracy of Lodos along the western coast, and the warlike whaler clans of the Five Claw peninsulas.

Credit: Seth Tomlinson