The Warden's Tale

Script by Chris Jacobs
Art by Gabriele Barsotti
Letters by DC Hopkins

Juto Elli is a Warden of the Swaying Veld, sworn to protect the Oldbeasts — ancient animals of sacred significance — from foreign interlopers who seek their heads for gold and glory.

Alice Marlow is an aspiring knight on the first great adventure of her young life, squiring for her cousin Teodor as he attempts to slay one of the unnatural, undying creatures that prowl the edge of the empire.

Quill Spillit is a junior archivist and aspiring bard hoping to make a name for herself by writing the story of Tedoor’s quest. Unfortunately, this requires her getting out of her favorite armchair at Queen’s Cloak Library (fourth nook along the west wall, overlooking the garden, if you’re wondering).

Thrown together by fate and stranded far from civilization, these three unlikely companions will either learn to work together — or become another collection of bones bleaching under the brutal veld sun.

Mad Mab: The Warden’s Tale is a meditation on clashing cultures wrapped in an action-packed adventure-survival story! Start reading here, or choose a chapter below.

This work contains strong language, scenes of violence and some disturbing imagery.