The Usurper's Tale

Script by Chris Jacobs
Art by Nikho
Letters by DC Hopkins

Ibi Falki has led many lives, and gone by many names. Her allies called her Snapstring’s Daughter. Modui’s Voice.  The Storm of Change. To her enemies, she was the Usurper. The Three-Face Queen. The Ruination of Empire. 

The Mad Mab.

Now, however, she is a fugitive. Cast out of her place of power, Ibi is forced to flee back to a childhood home she barely remembers. Grievously wounded, harried by bounty hunters and haunted by visions of a sinister figure known as the Butcherbird, Ibi must throw herself on the mercy of friends and family she abandoned twenty years ago.

Mad Mab: The Usurper’s Tale is a story about homecoming, memory and trauma. Start reading here, or choose a chapter below!

Content warning: this work contains strong language, scenes of violence and some disturbing imagery.